Monday, December 13, 2010

Puck Chatter (Video Edition)

There are more highlights than one can count in the NHL. Here are some of the best recent ones for you viewing pleasure.

Linus Omark's Rediculous Goal

This kid is really something special. Tore apart the AHL with the OKC Barons before finally getting his callup on Friday, and on his first career game he records an assist and then scores THAT game winning shootout goal. Was it disrespectful? Meh, I can see the case for it because he's a rookie and all but he did nothing wrong by the NHL rule book so there really shouldn't be a debate here. And it's not the first time young Mr Omark has gone viral with a shootout goal and I have a feeling it won't be the last.

Ovechkin-Dubinsky Fight

I wonder if any of Alex's teammates have the heart to tell him that this isn't how fighting works. You can't just select a random opponent to fight and then jump him from behind just for the hell of it. I understand the frustration (Caps got pummeled 7-0 Sunday night) but I still say there's no excuse for that. He's just lucky that Dubinsky took him up on the fight or else he would probably be facing a hearing this afternoon. But...(just so I don't sound like a total jobber) I will say that it was a solid check beforehand.

WBS Line Brawl

Video as seen on Wilkes-Blog.

I know you've heard plenty about it but here is the video with Gracie and Stoosh on the mic. Looking back at it again, I don't even know why Sneep was ejected from the game. Last time I checked, standing and watching while skating in circles isn't a 10 minute penalty.

Shelley Hits McQuaid

No 2 ways about it. This is a major offense. Typical Flyers hockey. Shelley will have a hearing today, so it looks like Eggo won't have a chance to pound his face in again like last time.

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