Thursday, December 2, 2010

Top Ten Most Hated Teams - #7 Boston Celtics

Rare indeed at TiGO that you get an NBA post, today is one of those rare days. The overwhelming minority of you know that living on this side of the state one Philadelphia team has not drawn my ire, and in fact has gotten a lot of my affection. That team is the Philadelphia 76ers. The Sixers are of course the Pirates of basketball, but they are my team and there is no greater rival than the ultra-bogus Boston Celtics.

I don't know if you've ever happened to hear Tom Heinsohn commentate for the Celtics on television but if not you are a lucky individual. He is by far the most biased announcers in sports history. He constantly blames the refs, and his stupid "Tommy Points" are possibly the most awful piece of fluff I have ever heard. If they are for hardnosed play Paul Pierce should never get one.

What an amazing segue no? Paul Pierce is what Flyers fans say Sidney Crosby is. Paul Pierce is a master of the flop. Paul Pierce is a drama queen of the highest order. The man who bumped knees and had his teammates carry him off the court, only to return with his best (see fake) Willis Reed impression to play the rest of the game. He is everything you think of when you think pampered, childish, baby, athlete. He is a fraud, he is not a great player, and his team sucked out loud before they went out and bought reinforcements for him. He can't win it and needs players better than him to do it. He is the anti-Jordan, the anti-Kobe.

This current incarnation of the Celtics also brings us Kevin Garnett, one of the most classless players in the league. A true role model who is not afraid to make fun of cancer, and compares playing basketball with going to war. And not just in the normal "we gonna go to war" sense, but actually the weapons, and fighting, and killing other people sense. Garnett is nothing but a cheap shot artist whose main skill is longer basketball but attempting to intimidate his opponents with his dirt bag tactics on the court.

So easy to hate this team now but what about historically?

How about the Len Bias curse? I don't care too much for curses, but to act like not winnings a championship since 82 was some kind of curse is idiocy. There are plenty of teams who go much longer than that without being cursed.

Larry Bird? Not going to call him a racist but his whining sure is questionable. He is also extraordinarily overrated. He is not the greatest ever, and in fact probably shouldn't even be in the conversation. He was the Great White Hope so he gets overrated. People look at him like he was hampered by his whiteness and that grit was what caused him to succeed instead of natural athletic ability. That premise is BS. Bird was a great player, he is nowhere near the "greatest" player ever, and probably isn't even the best Celtic ever. (Russell at 1 and maybe Cousay at 2 over Bird).

Wilt Chamberlain > Bill Russell.

One Nice Thing About the Celtics: Red Auerbach. There isn't enough room to write about the good deeds this man did in advancing the game and Civil Rights. One of the biggest impediments to my favorite's teams past is also the greatest coach in NBA history. He drafted the first black player in the NBA, named Bill Russell the first black coach in major American Sports history. He was truly color blind, and the criticism of his teams in the 80's as "too white" was a mockery, and an embarrassment to the man who did so much for African Americans in the league.

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