Thursday, December 30, 2010

Whole Bunch of Stuff

Just going to shorten and combine everything into 1 post.

Hershey 1, WBS 0
Really not a whole lot to say. CEC hospitality was great. The 13,000 + fans that showed up were great (except for the Hershey ones obviously). The first game (RIT 4, RMU 3) was quite interesting.

But the game itself was a poor showing by a tired Pens team. Theissen did his best to hold the fort and the one goal he did allow was somewhat of a strange bounce. The Pens were absolutely dead tonight. The number of true quality scoring opportunities was so few that I can probably count them on 1 finger. Tangradi looked awful. Jeffrey and Johnson were playing hard but made too many mistakes. Some guys like Lerg, Sterling, and Craig were working hard but couldn't get any opportunities. Defense was average.

But this game wasn't nearly as important as the next one is to WBS. Norfolk on Saturday should be quite a classic of its own, especially considering the way the last one ended.

Alumni Game
I actually don't see a scrimmage between a bunch of old timers as that big of a deal, but since tickets sold out in .00005 seconds apparently a lot of people do.

Here's a quote from PPG about the rosters:

"Penguins Hall of Fame center and owner Mario Lemieux headlines the home team.

The rest of the Penguins old-timers are: Hockey Hall of Famers Paul Coffey, Ron Francis, Larry Murphy and Bryan Trottier, plus Rod Buskas, Gary Roberts, Greg Malone, Bob Errey, Bill Guerin, Jay Caufield, Craig Simpson, Francois Leroux, Gary Rissling, Troy Loney, Kevin Stevens, Gilles Meloche, Phil Bourque, Dave Hannan, Peter Taglianetti, Warren Young, Frank Pietrangelo, Rob Brown and Rick Tocchet. The coaches will be Eddie Johnston, Randy Hillier and Pierre Larouche. The honorary general manager is Jack Riley, the Penguins' original GM.

Peter Bondra, a 500-goal scorer, leads the Caps' alumni roster, which also includes Dino Ciccarelli, Michal Pivonka, Sylvain Cote, Don Beaupre, Pat Ribble, Ken Sabourin, Yvon Labre, Mark Lofthouse, Nick Kypreos, Alan Hanglesben, Dean Evason, Errol Rausse, Alan May, Craig Laughlin, John Druce, Dennis Maruk, Greg Adams, Blair Stewart, Gord Lane, Robert Picard, Paul Mulvey and J.R. Reich. The coaches will be Granny Grant, Joe Reekie and Bucky Gallagher."

Pens old-timers should win by at least 5.

WC Weather:
Still high forties but now updated to an 80% chance of an all-day rain. Sunday looks all clear. Worst case scenario the game gets postponed to nighttime or Sunday.

Heinz Field

Looks great. They should play hockey here more often.

Let's Go Pens

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