Saturday, February 12, 2011

Bloody Friday

Don't know even where to begin with this one, so I won't. Islanders took a big lead and then just decided to take liberties with whoever they wanted.

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Matt Martin has a hearing today. Better be 10-15+ for that sucker punch.
only got worse in the third.

Gillies proved yet again why he is pondscum. Also has a hearing today. Expect 2 different suspensions, the first for the elbow and the 2nd for his actions afterwards.

Godard with an automatic 10 game suspension for coming off the bench to defend Johnson. Bylsma also has a hearing because of Godard.

Havn't heard anything on Haley, but after the way he acted he is probably going back to Bridgeport anyway so it really doesn't matter what the NHL does to him. Enjoy your 15 minutes joke.

Tangradi with concussion like symptoms after the game.

Konopka must have felt left out. He is usually the one on his team to act stupid, but this time his teammates beat him to it. He has a hearing.

Unfortunate accident at the end of the game. Paul Martin took a puck to the knee. Pens finished the game with 6 skaters. Islanders had 8.

As if we needed this now.

April 8. Mark it on your calendar.

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