Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Game 52: Pens 3, Islanders 0




Penguins- 3
-Tyler Kennedy (Martin, Michalek) 1-8:08
-Chris Kunitz (Dupuis, Martin) 1-13:10
-Max Talbot (Adams) 3-19:19
Islanders- 0

Rupp vs Konopka
-Rupp put some manners on him.
Johnson vs DiPietro
-One punch knockout!

Pens- Johnson/Fleury
W- Johnson (20-20)
ND- Fleury (0-0)
Islanders- DiPietro/Poulin
L- DiPietro (19-21)
ND- Poulin (2-2)

Pens- 1/5 (7:08)
Islanders- 0/5 (9:11)

1st Period
-Should be interesting to see how these new lines work tonight.
-Talbot with another great chance but DiPietro stops it with a circus save. Conner unable to put home a golden rebound, defenseman just tipped the shot wide.
-Puck bounces off back boards to Grabner but Johnson gets the pads down to stop him. A few assorted chances so far but neither team sustaining pressure.
-Talbot and Conner again hook up for a chance but 25's pass just a bit wide of Conner's stick.
-Talbot flattens Comeau into the boards. Comeau slow to get up so play stops. Clean hit, don't let anybody tell you otherwise. Konopka jumps in and gets himself an extra 2 for roughing.
-Kennedy rips one from a tough angle after DiPietro gives up a nice rebound. A shooter's shot from TK. 1-0 Pens
-Tangradi with some nice speed to get himself a good opportunity on DiPietro. Adams just missed a rebound chance. Pens buzzing on all cylinders right now.
-DiPietro with a spectacular save on Chris Conner set up by some solid checking by Rupp.
-Kunitz sneaks a backhander between DiPietro's arm and the post. Koon really caught him creeping forward. 2-0 Pens
-Godard to the box. Pens kill the penalty like they usually do. Puck up and down the ice.
-Tangradi is getting time on several different lines (as Bylsma planned).
-Johnson with a solid glove save on Parenteau. Probably the best opportunity of the night for the Isles.
-Isles get a late powerplay. It will carry over into the 2nd.
-Period ends 2-0 Pens.

Notes: This is exactly how a period should look against the Islanders. No complaints here, just keep it going.

2nd Period
-Isles start period on a powerplay. Pens dominate possession on a PK.
-Talbot with a shorthanded chance set up by Cooke. Hits both posts, goal horn at CEC goes off, but still no goal for him.
-Rupp and Konopka square off. Rupp lands a few great shots early and then a few more late before wrestling Konopka to the ground.
-Game picking up some pace. Islanders really pushing for some offense but Johnson and the D not budging.
-Comeau got Letang pretty hard from behind. Letang looked like he was hurt for a while but got up and rejoined the play no worse for wear. This one getting a bit ugly at the moment.
-Pens to the powerplay. A goal here would be devastating for the Islanders.
-Countless chances for the Pens on that man advantage but they just couldn't seem to hit the net. Tangradi also received significant PP time.
-Hard work by all Pens forwards right now. Pens get another powerplay.
-Kunitz clangs one off the goalpost while flying into the zone. Great pass from Jeffrey.
-Powerplay ends with a Staal interference call. Time for some 4 on 4.
-Pens again generate more attack on the Isles' PP than the Isles do!
-Rupp to the box for a late hit. Saw the ref waive off what he thought was the icing but it turned out to be something else. Fluky penalty.
-Bizarre moment here. Adams with a nice shorthanded chance that bounces off DiPietro's glove, onto the top of the netting and into DiPietro's water bottle holder.
-Period ends 2-0 Pens.

Notes: This game could easily be about 5 or 6 to nothing right now. Pens hit 3 posts and had a few more where DiPietro was just plain lucky. Hopefully those missed chances won't come back to haunt us but if we keep playing like this than we'll be fine.

3rd Period

-After penalty expires the Isles get a nice rebound off Johnson but he recovers in time to clear his crease.
-Lines are jumbled to start the period. Jeffrey with Rupp and Adams. Tangradi with Talbot and Conner.
-Pens powerplay. Grabner looked sure to get a shorthanded breakaway but fantastic diving play by Michalek to strip him.
-Pens in "lead protection" mode. So far Johnson and the defense are stepping up to the plate.
-Johnson with a great glove save near the midway mark in the period. Even more impressive considering the deflection right before it got to him.
-The only thing concerning me now is that the Pens have forgotten about offense. All Islanders right now.
-Still 2-0 with 5 minutes to go. Much of the same so far in the third.
-And some more PK awesomeness.
-Cooke with a chance to end it but DiPietro gets in front of it at the last moment to keep the game within 2.
-Islanders pull the goalie early, Pens hold the fort.
-After setting up Talbot for a whole minute, he finally launches one from center ice AND IN! It's about time! 3-0 Pens.
-CHAOS! DiPietro takes a cheap shot on Cooke. Fighting in the boards and who comes to Cookie's defense. BRENT JOHNSON. GOALIE FIGHT!! PUMMELS Ricky with one punch.
-Fleury and Poulin out to finish the last 16.5 seconds.
-Pens actually had a powerplay and tried to score at the end but it doesn't matter!
-PENS WIN 3-0 in a CRAZY ending.

Notes: That was unreal. Brent Johnson for President!

Final Thoughts and Notes:

-Ah, what the hell! Johnson can be vice president too!
-On a more serious note, also a great showing for the D.
-Zbynek Michalek is worth every penny.
-Tangradi looked like a solid NHL 3rd line grinder. Doing work in front of the net and dishing the puck off nicely.
-Max Talbot played a whale of a game. 2 posts away from a hat trick.
-Pens really played "smart" hockey today as well. Can't think of one instance where they made things more difficult on themselves. Coaching 101: Take what your opponent gives you and build on it.
-Underrated player of the game: Chris Conner. Didn't show up on the scoreboard but he was absolutely flying out there!


Line 1: A-
Line 2: B+
Line 3: A
Line 4: B +
D1: B+
D2: A+
D3: B+
Johnson: A+
Powerplay: A-
Penalty Kill: A+


Kunitz's goal was really hard on the Isles, especially with the way the Pens' D was playing.


1. Brent Johnson
2. Max Talbot
3. Chris Kunitz

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