Monday, February 7, 2011

Packers win, packers win

Much to the delight of Pirates thrower Paul Maholm the Green Bay Packers are your Superbowl Champions.

After a long, sleepless, night of sleeping over what I witnessed last night, coupled with a long, lonely drive to work ($ont worry its break time) in which I had time to reflect on not only the game but on the massive amount of shit (well deserved) I would take I've come to a few conclusions.

First and foremost blame lies with no one player. Now if you check my Twitter you will see otherwise on numerous occasions, but that was just emotion. Let's face it guys like William Gay have their limitations, so his weaknesses are no surprise at this point. Physical capabilities need to be schemed out and in this case they were not. Mendenhall had a bad fumble but he carried the offense for much of the first half. The bottom line is that our good players like Gay, Mcfadden, and Madison (stretching it with good for him) played average at best. The teams great players were only average to good. They didn't make the plays that got them their and weren't able to overachieve in this game.

That said the coaching staff left a lot to be desired, whether it was inexplicably going away from the run, to the failure of the scheme to adjust to the Packers passing game the coaching staff was also very average. Tomlin clearly did not have this team ready to play.

Lastly the Packers were a lot of people's favorite going in. They dealt with a lot of adversity and had a quaterback with something to prove. They played their way into the playoffs as a sixth seed, and took the tough road through. That has a way of bringing guys together. We've all seen this movie before and, save the Bettis storyline (did you know he was from Detroit?) this incarnation of the Steelers basically lost to the 2005 Steelers.

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