Monday, March 7, 2011

5 Things I Want To See End Before The Pirates Losing Streak Ends

5. Ryan Doumit in a Pirates uniform. There has to be a team out there (Houston?) who needs a shitty catcher.

4. All You Can Eat Seats. $35 get you an outfield bleacher seat and all the food you can eat*. Water is NOT included because, well, that's healthy. How about giving us all the beer you can drink seats. We will pack that place.
* denotes that you are fat

3. Promotions over players. The Pirates should be promoting players like McCutchen, Alvarez, Tabata and Walker. Instead we get Tee Shirt Fridays and Train concerts. Did you ever go to a game when there was a post game concert? Unless it's Pearl Jam or The Stones, I'll pass. It gets people in the seats but I would rather sit there with true fans.

2. White Cutch. Daniel McCutchen has the worst nickname in sports. How about D-Cutch instead?

1. Blogs with lists. Really, a list? Stupid.

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