Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Pens: Jeffrey up, Injury update, Mustache Boy

update from practice today. -Dustin Jeffrey has been called up again. King Shero already said that he plans to have D.Jeff finish the season in PIT, and that Sunday's demotion was only a paper move for Clear Day.

-Both Paul Martin (upper body) and Tyler Kennedy (lower body) practiced today and are expected to be in the lineup tomorrow night. This probably explains why Vitale and Strait did not come back up with Jeffrey.

-Brent Johnson participated in practice today, but is listed as day-to-day. Theissen has not yet been called up, though, so all signs point to him being ok to back up Fleury tomorrow.

-Chris Kunitz is getting close to being ready to play, but not quite yet. Apparently injuries don't exempt you from the mustache shootout, though, as Kuni will be sporting a 'stache until the end of the regular season.

-Bad news regarding Nick Johnson and Eric Tangradi today, as it doesn't look like they will be seeing much ice time for the rest of the year. This is unrelated to their concussions, because even if they are healthy enough to play they did not make the WBS Clear Day roster and cannot go down for the playoff run.

-I don't really have the desire to think up my own Crosby timetable, so you can find your ridiculous rumors from somewhere else. As far as the real Crosby timetable, there is none yet.

Big game tomorrow.

Let's Go Pens

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