Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Black and Gold Clicks

Latest thoughts and links from the Steel City Sports World.


Missed them yesterday with their rain-out in Washington and apparently so did the Pittsburgh media, as two stories blew up on them.

The first story is the Stroll Inn incident, where two lower-level employees of the team organized a boycott of the bar because they run a Pirates themed drink special when the team loses.

President Frank Coonelly later made a statement that he supported the employees.

The Stroll Inn dilemma prompted me to brain storm other specials the mom and pop bar, with the best Pizza in Pittsburgh, could run:

-1/2 off Molson Canadians when Jose Bautista hits a HR.

-25 cent Wings every time Ian Snell retires or un-retires.

-$1 Shooters for a Jack Wilson appearance on Web Gems.

-$2 Red Bull and Vodkas when #ElectricStuff pitches in a rain delay.

-Free slice of pizza whenever Nate McLouth is demoted to Triple A Gwinnett

Sources indicated to me that Frank Coonelly, in lieu of all the bad media attention, is moving the Pittsburgh Baseball Club's Christmas Party to the Stroll Inn. In all seriousness, if anything the bar received some free advertising; I know I want to grab a beer at the Stroll Inn next time I cruise through Kennedy Township.

StrollGate wasn't the only hot water the Bucs got into yesterday, as apparently prized Altoona prospect Tony Sanchez was asked to discontinue his twitter account.

If you followed Tony Sanchez it was pretty obvious there was potential for a Mendenhall-like situation. Sanchez, who seems like a personable young guy, was pretty free about what he posted on Twitter, whether it was a video from a bikini contest in Florida to criticism of the umps, which drew objection from the Eastern League.

I don't fault the Pirates for getting out in front of something before it becomes a real problem, especially after he already had gone over the line once, with the umpiring comments.

Of course these two incidents spawned DK's weekly Pirates bash.

Now onto real baseball issues, fantastic piece from Pat Lackey at WHYGAVS on what the Pirates should do with the #1 overall pick. Personally I think the Pirates should draft a good publicist with the 1st pick, of course the publicist's first challenge would be to explain why the Pirates drafted a publicist with the #1 overall pick.

Gameday tonight against the Reds at 7:10 cannot get here fast enough. Hopefully the skies can can hold the rain long enough for Charlie Morton as he takes on Bronson Arroyo in Cincinnati. For a series preview see Rich's write up here.


Best Franchise, Best Helmet....makes sense to me.

Ed Bouchette throws out the idea of building a Steeler's Hall of Fame, a lot of interesting information in there.

According to Steelers Depot free agent CB Ike Taylor will be appearing on Jim Rome is Burning today.


From Dave Molinari at the Post-Gazette:

"I've never met Jaromir Jagr in my life," -Ray Shero

That is going to make it pretty difficult to resign Double J. Guess we can file Jagr to the Pens under "not happening."

The entire story is here.

Seth at Emptynetters Blog did a fantastic job of compiling a small recap of every game in 2010-11, with some highlights, if you want to relive "The Year that Could have Been" for the Pens.

I stopped "reliving" right before the Winter Classic.

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