Saturday, May 21, 2011

Pirates Recall Pedro Ciriaco

Usually when something is horrible, or defective, or just downright bad big companies recall the product. Today the Pirates did just that, calling up Pedro Ciriaco.

Ciriaco had a fabulous spring which led many to call for him to actually make the Major League team out of camp. This chorus of whines was led by Pittsburgh Post Gazette writer Dejan Kovacevic, therefore it picked up steam amongst his brood of front office hating minions. Despite his great Spring the Pirates went with Josh Rodriguez who was eventually returned to the Indians. I have to assume the Pirates weighed his .650 MINOR LEAGUE OPS in 2869 at bats a little more heavily than they weighed his 42 Spring training at bats.

Ciriaco went to Indy after not making the team where he has accumulated some earth-shatteringly bad stats. His OPS at Indy? .448. Not his OBP, his OPS. He has just five XBH in 137 AB, and has been thrown out attempting to steal six times in fifteen attempts.

This move probably means that we will get to see some Wood at third. Pedro Alvarez was scratched last night, and probably was rushed back after Hurdle said he wanted him on the DL or in the lineup. Calling up Ciriaco gives the Pirates a good glove at SS if Cedeno gets injured and allows Wood to shift over to third. Hopefully they take their time with Pedro, maybe even give him a few AA or AAA at bats.

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