Saturday, May 28, 2011

Time To Promote Matt Curry

Former TCU Horned Frog and current Pirate prospect has been absolutely raking this season at West Virginia. We have been on the Curry train since the beginning , and he is personally one of my favorite, not top, prospects.

Curry really hit well last season and was arguably the best bat at State College. His ranks at State College were as follows:

#2 in Runs
#3 in Hits
#2 in Doubles
#1 in Home Runs
#3 in RBI
#1 in BB
#2 in BA
#1 in OBP
#2 in SLG
#1 in OPS
#2 in TB
#1 in IBB

His OPS was #8 and his OBP was #2 in the New York Penn League.

So far this year he has been on an even bigger tear. Curry's stats at Class A West Virginia are even better than last year:

#1 in Runs
#1 in Hits
#2 in Doubles
#2 in Triples
#1 in Home Runs (already at 9, compared to seven last season)
#1 in RBI
#1 in BB
#2 in BA (even though his BA is .376!)
#2 in OBP
#1 in SLG (an absurd .698)
#1 in OPS (an equally absurd 1.185)
#1 in TB (104 TB, #2 has 74)
#1 in IBB (he is the only person on the team to be walked intentionally)

Those numbers tell the whole story. They aren't just above average numbers on a bad team, they are ridiculous numbers on a good one. Everyone has been talking about Bryce Harper's start, and while this comparison is a bit off because of the age let's look at their stats side by side.













Matt Curry












Bryce Harper












Obviously that is not to say that Matt Curry will be a better player than Bryce Harper, that's insanity. I just used that comp to illustrate just how good his start has been. He should be moved up immediately. But where to? Aaron Baker probably isn't ready for AA, but he's also not ready to be completely given up on. Not to mention the fact that he and Curry would probably be splitting time at first, something that neither of them need. Besides will a short hop up to advanced A really challenge someone who is absolutely destroying Low A pitching? Remember Curry was a pretty good College hitter, are the High A guys a whole lot better than what he has faced?

I would move Curry up to Altoona right now. First off guys are walking him too much as it is. He isn't going to learn from being walked over and over. Secondly the Pirates have a huge hole in their lineup at the Major League level. Curry provides a decent glove and good bat at first, and huge power potential, two things this team needs. Obviously Curry will not be on the Major League club this year, but giving him a substantial look at AA could push him into the Indianapolis lineup next year, and prime him for a call-up either mid-season or in September when rosters expand.

The move to Altoona wouldn't really hurt either. There are organizational guys there who would hardly be missed. In fact both guys currently at first, Miles Durham and Shelby Ford really fit this description and they are both struggling big time. Hell Durham is 28 years old and is hitting .200 as the everyday first baseman. He is NOT a prospect and his role on the team isn't very large anyway. What harm would cutting him loose or moving him around have on the team?

The Pirates are notorious for handling players with kid gloves. At some point they will have to be aggressive or their "waves" of players will always be too far away to help the previous " wave.

This team is in dire need of a power hitter at first. They have a potential one languishing at Single A West Virginia.

Maybe they want the Power to win another championship?

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