Friday, June 3, 2011

Crab Fries Suck, Bucs Win 2-1 in 12

Karstens was solid......He matched a "metrosexual" version of C.J. Wilson pitch for pitch.

McCutchen, Hanrahan, Moskos (W) and Meek were swollin' in relief:

Fast forward to the 12th....this man:

Xavier Paul scores:

Too bad Hair Gel can't jog, probably could have caught up to that ball.

Sorry for the skeleton recaps, between the Curve game Tues, Mets/Buccos Wed and Bro's graduation tonight and tomorrow, I have been busy....regular recaps will be back Sunday.

Tabs post game via @Kristy_Robinson, follow her.


If you couldn't figure out Karstens Philadelphia, good luck with #ElectricStuff tomorrow.

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