Friday, January 2, 2009

Penn State Gets Destroyed, So Does My Liver

By the time the Rose Bowl started I was feeling no pain. By halftime, I was seeing double. The 2008 Penn State Nittany Lions picked the wrong time to make so many mistakes. Anthony Scirrotto pissed me off every time I looked at him. What a horrible game for the senior to go out on. USC could have easily scored 60 but Pete Carroll is all class. We decided to do a shot every time Penn State scored. That quickly changed to every time USC scored and that was a lot of shots before halftime. The final score does not indicate how much of a mismatch this was. Overall, what a great season for the Lions. Too bad it ended in such a disaster.

The Pens played Boston again last night but I have no recollection of the game and I watched most of it. For a good post game wrap up check out The Wicked Wrister. Even the title of the post is classic!

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and finally... it's freakin' cold out. I need a snuggie!


Anonymous said...

Losing Royster didnt help

Penguins Experience said...

Nice site. I linked to you.

- Rick

HockeyKnight said...

Yea,... this is what I would deem "Be careful what you wish for!" bowl. I wanted to play these guys for the national championship when PSU was going undefeated a couple of years ago and ended up finishing #3.

I am still not convinced of the University of South Central's nor Pac-10 dominance.

Sean said...

Thanks for the link. Feel free to join the Rock of Love 3 fantasy league! I promise that the world won't end if you join! :)

Brad said...

Sean, I just joined your league. Take it easy on me cuz I have no idea what to do. Do I get to shoot Brett Michaels if I win? I promise I won't miss.

Sean said...

laclips - You're in. All you need to do is pick three characters each week. I have no idea what to do either, so you're in good company. And if you win, I'm all for banning Michaels from TV ever again. (He's a Steelers fan so I don't want him shot.)