Thursday, February 5, 2009

Everyone Relax, It Was Just The Lightning!

Take a deep breath. Exhale. Do not get too excited. Yes, a nice comeback. Down by 3. A 4 goal rally to beat the horrible Lightning 4-3 in OT. The Pens still suck right now. Let's wait and see them win a few in a row before we start talking playoffs. Playoffs? Thank God for Malkin because he looks like the only one who still wants to play for Therrien. Even after last nights win I say fire the WHOLE coaching staff. That's just me. I hate everyone. This team was supposed to be a Stanley Cup contender, not an 8 seed. Anyway there was some great recaps from the bloggers on this game, especially from The Pensblog (of course) and Puck Huffers (duh!)

Other Stuff
The not yet ranked (?) Penn State Nittany Lions travel to Michigan tonight. The game can be seen on The Big Ten Network at 7. If you don't get BTN then that sucks but check Justin.Tv. Someone usually streams the Big Ten games there.

I got an email from some dude named Sully. He did a post on the Pirates All Time Home Grown Team vs. All Time Acquired Team. If you haven't seen it yet check it out. It's well worth the read. [Sully Baseball]

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