Thursday, March 26, 2009

The World's Most Famous Arena

Nittany Nation invades NYC! We will get to that in a few days. The reason for this post is all about me. I live near Scranton, Pa. New York City is 109.75 miles from my house. Philadelphia is 131.16 miles. Pittsburgh is 299.40 miles. Driving, Philly is the closest, then NYC, but not by much. Philly is just an easier ride. Why am I saying this? I have been to Giants Stadium, Continental Airlines Arena, Nassau Coliseum, Yankee Stadium, and Shea Stadium in New York/Jersey. In Philly I have been to the Vet, the Spectrum (but only for a Pearl Jam concert), and the 3 news ones. In Pittsburgh I was at Three Rivers, PNC, Mellon, and Heinz Field. I have never been to Madison Square Garden. How did this happen? I've been to a lot of sporting events but never one at MSG. It's only 2 hours from here but yet, never seen it. Well that's not true. I did walk by it a few times so I guess I have never been in it. Tuesday may be the perfect time for my first visit. Or Thursday but I don't want to get ahead of myself. Then again, I never thought PSU would beat Florida. Plus, like ALL Penn State fans, I hate Notre Dame. Maybe Tuesday. Then maybe Thursday. If you're still reading, State College to New York City is 236.68 miles.

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