Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Link Dump

How about them Buccos!!! Taking 3 or 4 from the Dodgers is always nice. Too bad FSN stopped televising Pirates games. I would have liked to see it. Its on to Chicago tonight to face the hated Cubs and guess what... FSN will have the game! No shit! I'm fully recovered from a dreadful sports weekend. Other than the Pirates (go figure) the rest of the weekend was forgettable. The Pens open their season on Friday. Good thing... they didn't have the best pre-season going 1-5. The big screen will be back for the opener so we can all watch that glorious banner being raised. Finally, for the first time in a week I can get to my email. There was a problem with the server so if you sent in links and stuff sorry its taken so long to reply. On to the links...

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Tim wrote a great article on why MLB is different from the NFL and NHL when it comes to Pittsburgh finding success [Bucco Fans]

Penguins sign Ryan Bayda to a one-year, two-way contract [PensBurgh]

What now for Penn State? [Nittany White Out]

Penn State's October 10th game vs Eastern Illinois will air live on ESPN Classic at noon. Classic. [GoPSUSports]

Pitt doesn't deserve Top 25 ranking [The Sports Monitor]

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Schruender said...

How are the Dodgers expected to have enough morale to compete in the playoffs after that?