Sunday, September 27, 2009

Overrated But Inexcusable

If you asked any knowledgeable college football fan before last nights game, they would have said Penn State was overrated. If you asked a Penn State fan, they probably would have said the same thing. The Lions were ranked #5 in the nation because a lot of teams ahead of them lost. That is no excuse for the way the team self destructed. Daryll Clark was awful. He threw 3 interceptions and fumbled in his own end zone, leading to an Iowa safety. Not to take anything away from Iowa. They got down early, stuck with their game plan and deserved to win this game.

The turning point in the game was the blocked punt returned 53 yards for a touchdown in the 4th quarter. After that play, Penn State was done. In order to be considered an elite team, Penn State cannot implode the way they did, especially at home. Turnover after turnover, this was ugly. The O-line is a joke and the coaching was pathetic. There is so much more we can say about this game but I don't feel like talking about anymore.

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