Wednesday, January 6, 2010

TIGO's Top 5 Albums Of 2009

Here is our list of the best albums of 2009.

#5. Gomez- A New Tide. Like most Gomez albums, Tide needs time to grow on you. This is not an album to listen to everyday but dig it out every few months and you will be continually rewarded. Tide starts out extremely slow but from tracks 4-11 the band sounds as great as ever. In fact, "Airstream Driver" may have been our song of the year if we weren't so lazy around here. Gomez showed great depth on Tide and it amazes me that this band still isn't a household name. In fact, I didn't hear them at all on any commercial radio station. You funny Americans with your shit taste in music. All joking aside, pick up A New Tide and you can thank me for it later.
Download: Airstream Driver, Bone Tired, Lost Track

#4. Pearl Jam- Backspacer. Surprise, Surprise, a Pearl Jam album made our list. It's no secret around here that we absolutely love Eddie and the PJ's. Backspacer isn't the best Pearl Jam album ever, but man, it's up there. In our opinion it's right after Ten. The guys sound more energized than ever. You would think with George W. out of the White House the band would have mellowed. That is not the case at all. This is the most upbeat album from PJ to date. From the reggae sounding "Got Some" to the grungy "The Fixer", this is the album we have all been waiting for. Whoever said grunge is dead needs to revisit Pearl Jam. Sure, maybe they did sell out giving Target exclusive rights to carry the album, but that's a small price to pay for an epic album from an epic band.
Download: Got Some, The Fixer, Supersonic

#3. Amazing Baby- Rewild. Brooklyn, New York's Amazing Baby are, well, amazing. The band could be the step children of T-Rex, Pink Floyd and David Bowie. Yes, that amazing. Their full-length debut does not disappoint. This album is guitar heavy and hook heavy but that's what makes it work. Playing this album takes you on an acid trip that you won't want to return from. Just remember that the pink elephant standing next to you is actually there.
Download: Headdress, Pump Yr Brakes, The Narwhal

#2. Black Joe Lewis & The Honeybears- Tell 'Em What Your Name Is! Soul, Funk, Rock ... call it what you want but call it one of the best things you will listen to. How great is it to know that this type of music is still being made. James Brown would be proud. In fact, Brown is thanked in the liner notes. There is not a bad track on Tell 'Em. My CD player hasn't grooved this much in years. If you put this album on at a party people would immediately think it was from the 1960's. I never knew so much fun could be on one album. From the opening track "Gunpowder", all the way to the last song "Please Pt. 2", this is 30 minutes of pure fun. Just make sure no one is around when your white ass is dancing in the living room.
Download: Get Yo Shit, Sugarfoot, I'm Broke

#1. The Features- Some Kind Of Salvation. The Features have been around since 1994. Who knew? After listening to Salvation, I immediately bought their back catalog. I guess I'm just a sucker for sing alongs. And sing along you will. The album opens with "Whatever Gets You By" and just gets stronger from there. "The Drawing Board" is next and probably the best track on the album. Fans of southern rock and British rock will enjoy this. Just remember, they were around before bands like The Killers. The Features keep things quick. Most songs are just about 3 minutes long. Trust me on this one, buy Salvation. Your music collection will thank you.
Download: The Drawing Board, Lions, Wooden Heart, The Gates Of Hell.

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