Sunday, June 27, 2010


After watching the International Soccer community routinely lie on the ground like someone viciously ripped out their tampons, or completely be blown back by what appeared to be snipers in the stands, I have my confirmation why Americans don't like Soccer.

The officials showed some stunning Anti-American sentiment in robbing them not once but twice of good goals. That sort of thing is to be expected. If they are seriously trying to get Americans to embrace ball kicking though they should try a bit harder to, oh I don't know, call a fair match.

Americans like justice, there was no real justice by the terrible officials in the World Cup.

Hard work is a core tenant of American society, the brazen diving makes the sport a joke and literally laughable.

American's like hard nosed physicality, there is a stretcher used to cart off a player in the NFL once a week at the most, at the World Cup stretchers were used once or twice a game.

Most of all though Americans don't want their athletes to be able to hide behind clocks. The beauty of the big three American sports (Hockey is more of a Canadian Sport) is that your deficiencies are only display.

In Baseball if you have a bad bullpen it still must pitch, no clock to hide from.

The NBA and NCAA introduced the shot clock for Basketball because they realized their is no good faith in just passing the ball around in a four corners offense.

The NFL and NCAA both have play clocks so teams can't just get a lead and stand around. They have to play the game.

I want to like Soccer. I want to get a Philadelphia Union jersey and wear it proudly. I can't though. I guess it's because I am American and American's just like the justice, accountability, and yes violence of our favorite sports. That is why America will be a soccer country 1 month out of every 48 for the foreseeable future.

The World Cup just confirmed it for much of America. Like they say Sports is a microcosm of life, and once again it proves to be true.


Brad said...

Who the fuck are the Philadelphia Union?

Rich said...

The MLS team in Philly.

Brad said...

Philly has a MLS team? Are they a bunch of douchebags like the rest of their teams? I know you're a 76ers fan but they don't count in my book.

Rich said...

Eh.... the sixers are basically Douchebags too.