Monday, June 7, 2010

Four guys the Bucs may take.

Okay well it's only the first round but it could be exciting. There are actually three guys in play. I have been a fan of Machado for a while now, but I wouldn't be upset with Taillon. There are pros and cons for both.

Machado's big problem is signability. He has been getting a TON of hype lately, including comparisons to A-Rod. His agent is Scott Boras. He will not sign early so he will miss a few months of work with the Pirates. Not that big a deal for a position player, but you still want them to get in there working as soon as you can. He is also really big (6'3", 190 lbs.) so if he fills in too much he probably won't stick at short. Although if he does he may add enough power to warrant a move to third. He has a very good chance of making the bigs. Moderate Floor, High Ceiling.

Taillon has great stuff, and would probably be an easier sign, but High School righties are extremely hit or miss. There is just no way to project these guys. He could be the next Josh Beckett or he could be the next Bobby Bradley. I don't think he would command as much as Machado, so that would free up some money for overslot's in the later rounds. Plus if they do hit on the pick he is the type of pitcher that could be up in 2012. Low Floor, High Ceiling.

Drew Pomeranz is probably the third pitcher they are looking at. He is a big college lefty (6'5", 231 lbs.) that has a 91-92 MPH FB. He has hit 94 with it. He has some potential for a 3 pitch repertoire but right now I think his only big league pitch is that Fastball. He has a fast, power curve type curveball. It's not really a true curveball, and not as good either, but it has been devastating against college hitters. His change is okay, but he doesn't control it well when trying to throw it for strikes. He is also kind of stiff, which leads to an inconsistent delivery. Inconsistent delivery leads to inconsistent control, and the possibility of injury. Moderate Floor, High Ceiling.

Another guy the Buccos may be looking at is college lefty Chris Sale. He's another big pitcher (6'6", 172 lbs.) with room to fill out. There is a lot to like about Sale. He's probably going to be a decent sign. He has good stuff, especially for a lefty. His FB sits around 90-92, it can touch 96 with movement, very good sign considering he will probably fill out a bit. He throws strikes and goes at guys. His change isn't that deceptive, so it will need work, although right now it misses bats against college hitters. The speed difference is pretty good (81-83) but it doesn't look like the fastball. Doesn't have a true third pitch, has used both, but he will probably end up scrapping the curve for his slider which has potential, especially against lefties. Low Floor, High Ceiling

In all I wouldn't be upset with Machado or Taillon, third on my list would be Sale, then Pomeranz.


Anonymous said...

Drew Pomeranz throws a Power Curve with 1 finger across the seams...Its devastating because he throws it in the mid 80's. Tallion is the pick.

matt said...

Let's hope he doesn't need TJ surgery after a year. That seems to be the Pirates luck.