Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Ask Teke

Ask Teke is a segment on the widely unpopular Pirates Post-Game show. We asked Kent Tekulve for an interview but he never got back to us. We did get Bobblehead Kent Tekulve to answer some questions.

TiGO: Whoa, those are some big ass glasses.

Bobblehead Kent Tekulve: That wasn't even a question. How drunk are you right now?

TiGO: Listen Teke, I ask the questions! That's a Washington Wild Things jersey you have on.

BKT: You are a fucking idiot.

TiGO: Easy there, four eyes. Let's just get into what most people know you by. THE TELESTRATOR!

BKT: That is not what I'm known for.

TiGO: Explain to us what Ryan Doumit should be doing on this play.

BKT: Doumit should move his glove up like this:

BKT: Then he should stick his arm out to tag the runner.

BKT: Sweeping tags are usually the best.

BKT: And then you look like a penis.

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