Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Why Not Just Turn Him Around?

I don't see why they don't just turn Doumit the fuck around and stop having him switch hit at all. Just because you can swing a bat from both sides of the plate doesn't mean you should. It's looking like this is basically what Doumit is, a .720ish hitter, which is fine behind the dish..... if you can catch. His .770 OPS (career) is so high because of his two monster season with an .813 and .858 OPS. His other four seasons have been surprisingly consistent with this one, especially from an OPS standpoint.

The thing is he is very respectable from the left side. An .830 OPS with his awful season this year is nothing to sneeze at. I bet he could easily improve on his splits if he just stayed on the leftside even against lefties. His SLG from the left side is only .052 lower than his OPS from the right side. I would say he could probably just run into a few pitches from that side and do what he is doing batting right handed.

The only thing that gives me a bit of pause is his BABIP from the right side, it is extraordinarily low at .202. I'm not a huge supporter of BABIP but it does have some relevance. If his BABIP is closer to the average of .300 things might be different, but I think the bad contact he makes from that side is more to blame than bad luck from that side.

That said I don't think a Doumit/ Milledge platoon is too bad. Especially since Milledge seems to hit well with RISP and in High Leverage situations in general (.889 OPS). I think bringing in Milledge to face a reliever with runners on base is fine, and better than anything else we have. If Milledge has proven anything it's that he can be a successful platoon candidate.

I don't like Doumit. More than that he certainly is not a catcher, but I don't think he is unreasonable in RF with some practice.

And that's the rub with this team, it is filled with potential platoon guys like Jones, Doumit, Pearce (when he's healthy), and Milledge.

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