Monday, September 6, 2010

Dixon Named Starter

Mike Tomlin announced today that Dennis Dixon will start on Sunday against the Falcons. Despite Eddie Bouchette's suggestion that Batch would most likely get the nod, I'm not sure if there was ever a legitimate shot for him to start in the first place. It was pretty obvious to me that the mutual plan was for him to be released (nod, wink) and then retire (possibly pursuing a coaching career). Think about it. The coaching staff was so hesitant about giving Dixon an opportunity. They obviously have very little faith in him, so what does that say about their faith in Charlie Batch? It wasn't about faith. It was "Well shit, now what?", and then a ruse to "confuse" the Falcons a little bit. Chawlee never had a chance and I'm not sure if he even wanted a chance.

Speaking of faith, was it really just two weeks ago that the entire city had Dixon Fever? This town is freaking bipolar. All summer, the only thing I heard was about giving Dixon a shot, Dixon is a better fit, Dixon is the future. Now he's named starter it's suddenly the worst decision the team has ever made. The kid had one bad preseason game, give him a chance. I seem to remember in 2004 a (somewhat) similar scenario playing out, forcing a rookie into the lineup and remember hearing about how the team was "doomed" then. They then won 14 games in a row. This is only for 4 games. Relax. Because I have a feeling that, in a month from now, we're going to be hearing about how taking Dixon out of the lineup will hurt the chemistry the team has and how we don't need Ben anymore. Bank on it.

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