Monday, September 6, 2010

Is there an answer in St. Louis?

So Colby Rasmus is probably on his way out. His teammates are even turning against him now and that's a pretty bad sign. It also put the team over the barrel a bit. This is the type of move the Pirates HAVE to make. Even if we have to give something big away, afterall they are in our division, I wouldn't hesitate. He is a lefty and would make use of the Clemente Wall.

I would be willing to give up basically anything in the minors for Rasmus who is second amongst CF in terms of OBP, and is tied for sixth in homers even though he has 100 or less AB than everyone in front of him.

Rasmus is a legit 30 homer player, and while not a burner, his bat could play pretty well in RF. Taking his current stats, his OPS would rank 7th in the league in RF. That is substantially better than anything the Pirates have trotted out there.

Why I think this will happen? Neil Huntington has shown a willingness to trade for guys with attitude problems. Couple that with the fact that he seems to be very willing to trade within his division (Gorzo, Torress) and the statements that they will add players I think this trade has as good a chance of going down as any.

The Pirates have built a pretty deep system, now is the time to start using it. Make a bold move Neil!

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