Monday, October 25, 2010

Puck Chatter

I figured I'd spice this boring "No Pens Game" Monday with some more Puck Chatter. Just a little bit.

Rypien's Rampage
This is another one of those things that I'm sure you've all heard already, but yes Rick Rypien did get a 6 game suspension for physically engaging a Minnesota fan on his way to the locker room. The incident occurred after Rypien was given a misconduct for an on-ice altercation with Brad Staubitz. Rypien spotted the fan (who appeared to be cheering the penalty call) and immediately reached over the wall and grasped the Minnesota fan's shirt before being restrained by coaches and teammates and sent down the tunnel. Here is the likely fallout of the incident.

1. Everyone who didn't know Rick Rypien's name beforehand (which is about 90% of all hockey fans) knows it now.

2. The Canucks organization has to eat crow for a while and apologize for everything or else this may get even worse.

3. Fans hopefully (but probably not) learned a bit more about their place in the game. The camera angle is inconclusive, but I would imagine that the Wild fan was verbally tirading Rypien as he walked past, and combine this with Rypien's belligerent mood and you have a problem. My advice to all fans: If you are going to taunt and jeer your opponent all night long, don't buy seats next to the away tunnel. (Like I said before, there is no proof of what he did beforehand to rile up Rypien, but it must have been something because other players and coaches from Vancouver also expressed their displeasure with said fan.

Old Hat

A hat trick is a rare and remarkable feat in the NHL....well remarkable at least. They are everything but rare this week as there were 7 hat tricks across the NHL in a 3 day span. They are:
Lee Stempniak- 10/21 vs LA
Rene Borque- 10/22 vs Columbus
Daniel Alfredsson- 10/22 vs Buffalo
Steven Stamkos- 10/22 vs Atlanta
Alex Semin- 10/23 vs Atlanta
John Taveres- 10/23 vs Florida
Brad Richardson- 10/23 vs Colorado

I wonder where all these hats "really" go....
Sorry about the horrible title, but this is a fascinating story. Ilya Kovalchuk was a healthy scratch Thursday night against Buffalo. Coach, when asked, said that it was his decision to scratch Kovalchuk, and he would not further elaborate. The rest of the Devils team were also confused at the move, but....


Modern camera equipment can follow the puck extremely closely, but none closer than last night against the Rangers. Del Zotto blasted a shot that was deflected over the net and straight at the camera.

Needless to say, the camera didn't fare so well.

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