Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Top Ten Most Hated Team - #9 Chicago Cubs

The Cubs were both the first and last opponent at Forbes Field, thankfully we won all those games.

1908. The Pirates held a half game lead going into their last game over the hated Chicago Cubs, win and they are in. A blown call gives the Cubs the win and effectively eliminates the Pirates from the playoffs. Although in the end we may have gotten the last laugh, as that 1908 season, in which they erroneously made the playoffs, was the beginning of the curse that all Pirates fans know and love today.

Speaking of curses. The Curse of the Billygoat is the curse that has kept them out of the World Series since 1945. Until 1984 it also kept them out of the playoffs. Who did the Cubs beat to clinch the division title? Your Pittsburgh Pirates. These aren't the only times the Cubs have used the Pirates for a stepping stone into the playoffs though, in 2003 they won the Central by sweeping a doubleheader against the Pirates.

How about a history of trading away great players? The Pirates sure have one, and it seems like the Cubs are always welcoming our players with open arms. Or at least robbing us of marginal talent. Ralph Kiner, Aramis Ramirez, Randall Simon (yup he was successful with the Cubs), Jon Lieber, Kenny Lofton, even Tom Gorzellany.

I hate how Cubs fans invade PNC Park, and show little to no class. I hate how their fans have an arrogant tone, and talk down to the Pirates when really the Cubs are a dysfunctional mess who haven't accomplished a damn thing in 100 years. I also can't stand how Cubs fans are always trying to get into the game. Whether it's Bartman, or the schmuck that threw the beer on Victorino Cubs fans can't seem to stay in their seats and let the athletes do the playing.

Speaking of the fans what is with that bogus "Go, Cubs, Go" song? Oh yeah and what is with the Ron Santo love fest? A good player to be sure, but get off it already. You don't see me screaming for Bob Walk in the Hall just because he is a broadcaster.

Alfonso Soriano.... enough said.

The most fitting thing about the Cubs? Ernie Banks' nickname is Mr. Cub..... why is this so fitting? Because he never had one single playoff appearance as a Cub!

Wrigley Field? I've never been but from what I hear it's filled with poor sightlines, and uncomfortable seats. I love nostalgia and all, but I'm a comfort fan as well.

One Nice Thing About the Cubs: The aforementioned Ron Santo's battle with Diabetes has been an inspiration to many fans of the Cubs and the Sport in general.

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