Monday, December 27, 2010

2011 Bridgestone Summer Classic

Well, here is what the weather channel is predicting for Saturday's Classic.
The warm temps actually aren't a problem because of the ice cooling system they have installed, but rain can be very, very bad. It causes uneven levels in the ice and then it becomes unsafe for the players to play (not to mention the potential for lightning).
It's probably too early to tell if this will actually happen. These guys are sometimes wrong the night before, so who's to say we should believe them a week in advance. Plus, the NHL doesn't want their premiere event of the year to be cancelled so you can bet they'll pull out all the stops to get the show on the road.
But...if it has to happen the make-up date would be the day after (Jan 2). But the weather for that day looks even worse so if they can't play it the day after they have to refund everyone for their tickets and move the game to Consol Energy Center on a later date.
This weather scare has happened every year since the WC was started in '08 and every year they have played the game. Plus, I thought it always snows in Pittsburgh. Has there ever been a December Steelers game without even a flurry? This forcast will change, but hopefully for the better.
But in the meantime the Pens still have to take care of business for 2 more games. Thrashers Tuesday, Isles Wednesday. Let's Go Pens.

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