Friday, December 10, 2010

Pens Chatter

Just like Puck Chatter, except all Pens...

Bitter Jackets Fans
After nearly a week, the Columbus fanbase is still fuming about how all the Pens fans pretty much turned Nationwide Arena into Consol Energy Center West back on Saturday. And apparently, the above photo of a Pens fan riding the zamboni is really fueling the fire. I've heard all sorts of suggestions from CBJ "faithful" as to how to deal with this "invasion" ranging from banning Pens jerseys in Nationwide Arena to an all-out Ted Leonsis embargo. Lol Columbus, as if you can actually afford to be selective with who you sell tickets to. Maybe if the Jackets want to make some improvements to their arena atmosphere, they can start by reconsidering their choice of mascot.
Seriously, what kind of message is "Boomer" sending to the younger fans? Just a suggestion. And how do these angry Jackets bloggers respond? "These Pens fans are all bandwagoners." Maybe so, but at least they had the initiative to buy tickets in YOUR arena.
The most recent update for the 2011 NHL AllStar game voting polls has been released. Remember, only the top 3 fwds, 2 defensemen, and goalie get an automatic bid into the game.
-Write-in defenseman Kris Letang leads ALL defensemen in votes.
-Sidney Crosby is absolutely trashing everybody, leading the voting by over 100,000 votes.
-Evgeni Malkin sits a respectable 5th behind Crosby, Toews, Stamkos, and Ovechkin.
-Fleury ranks 3 among the goalies
No, Sid did not lose the mustache boy competition (Paul Martin) nor is he going for Talbot's fu manchu look. He certainly looks...interesting and I guess if its working don't change it.
Looking very nice. With a Caps loss, the Pens maintain their Eastern Conference lead as of now (but that doesn't matter until later on in the year anyways.)
Oh, and I'm just gonna leave this here....
And a shoutout to WBS, who is also burning through their schedule quite efficiently.

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