Sunday, May 15, 2011

Pirates Release Scott Olsen

Well our long national nightmare is over. Scott Olsen, an all around great guy, was finally released by the Pirates yesterday. Olsen didn't look good in Spring Training, and when it looked like he wouldn't be making the team went down with a hamstring injury. He was placed on the disabled list after comments he made about "not coming here to be a reliever", and was just recently placed on the 60-day Disabled List when they acquired Xavier Paul.

One has to believe that his own mouth, and his piss poor attitude were the reason for the release. Neil Huntington was quoted as saying:

“We believed we were not going to have a good opportunity for Scott and made this move to allow him to find a better situation.”
I say good riddance. I hated this signing from the beginning. Adding a complete jerk like Scott Olsen to this clubhouse was probably more risky than any reward this oft-injured cry baby would ever have provided.

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