Sunday, May 15, 2011

I Bought a Jose Castillo Jersey Back in the Day

First things first, I would like to introduce myself in the only appropriate way possible on this blog---by listing my bobblehead collection (Ryan Howard, Wes Unseld, Jack Wilson, Sean Burnett and Navy Goat). While Brad may not have brought me on for my mediocre bobblehead collection, I am a fan of the Black and Gold (obviously), so enough about me lets get to them:


-Hello sub .500 my old friend, missed you for a few days. Bucs have been scoring about as much as I did in high school....its frustrating to say the least.

-Pedro looked a little more locked in last night. His first two ABs were nothing to write home about, with a pop out (which apparently qualifies as "almost a home run" these days) and a strikeout.

In the 7th he blasted a shot just foul down the RF line that was more accurately "almost a home run" before being sent down with a hard line out right at the second basemen. Alvarez's next AB he laced a double in the gap to finish a 1-4 night.

It's promising to see him make solid contact with 3 balls in one game during his sluggish start to 2011.

-Brilliant prediction about the Bucs last night from this twitterer.

-Another writer with the brilliant idea that the Bucs should sign McCutchen long if they aren't trying to.

-Is Charlie Batch secretly Xavier Paul's dad?

Maybe I am just enamored with the pencil-thin goatee.

-Charlie Morton takes the bump tonight vs. Jon Garland and the Dodgers as the Pirates look for a series split at 7:05. While some of the hype about Morton being Halladay with better stuff is a little premature, I for one am not getting caught up in what he could be or where he projects. Right now Charlie is just fun to watch pitch, I'm going to enjoy it as long as it lasts because honestly when is the last time you could really say that about a Pirates starting pitcher.


Seems like once again the Pens and their fans are doing the annual off season Jagr dance.

As someone who watched only a handful of Jagr's games at the Olympics (which were over a year ago), I am by no means an expert on this, or in a position to give a definitive opinion.

However, I still will.

Comparisons to this year's Kovy experiment are unfair, he is a superior player to Kovalev, his game fits Bylsma's system better and you bring him in under the assumpton Double J plays on Malkin or Crosby's wing rather than Letestu's.

Comparisons to Selanne's production are also unfair, his 30 goals are about the peak of an aging superstar at 40.

If Jags could give you 15-20 goals and 45-50 points (which I think is reasonable production) for 1.5 million dollars over 70 games he seems worth the risk and would be an upgrade. That level of production would have made him the Pens highest scoring forward last year and third on the team behind Crosby and Letang.

With all that being said I am still skeptical of Jaromir coming back next year, at the very least could he show up to the CEC for a jersey retirement?


-There is just something special about being a Steeler, Dewayne Washington tells you why in this interview.

-Why is it special to be a Steeler, because of the Rooneys of course, who were voted the best owners in the NFL.

-It has been beaten to death so why not give it one more whack, good piece wrapping up the Mendy Twittergate.

-I like Ike and he likes Pittsburgh. The video link of the interview with Taylor from KDKA is worth the watch.

Non-Black and Gold Sports

-Upon hearing all the talk about the Celtics not shaking the Heat players' hands after their playoff exit last night, I immediately thought where is Kris Draper, next my mind went to this classic line from Parks and Rec's Tom Haverford:

People need to calm down.

-Lastly as a VT grad posting on a blog covering PSU sports I would like to bring you the first installment of "Players Tech out-recruited Penn State for", only fitting we begin with the man, the myth, the legend---Kevin "Untouchable" Jones.

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