Sunday, June 5, 2011

No Sweep-Sweep-sweepadelphia, Bucs Lose 7-3

Started promising when Walker facialized Hahahalladay in the first.

Phillies fans went through more Kleenex than Chase Utley goes through hair gel over the non-strike right before the home run.

Later on J-Mac threw more balls than a McDonald's playpit

Philadelphia left about 10,000 men on base, which matches their historical loss total. Phillies nab a few more off the bullpen, yada, yada, yada no Sweep-Sweep-sweepadelphia.

.500 will have to save a dance for another day.

Phils took the battle, Buccos win the weekend 22-13 at PNC vs Philly all time.

Day off, then the D-backs come to town Tuesday at 7:05. Check back for Rich's preview.

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