Monday, June 6, 2011

Pirates Will Draft Gerrit Cole

According to multiple media outlets, the Pittsburgh Pirates will take UCLA RHP Gerrit Cole.

This isn't exactly surprising as Neal Huntington has made it abundantly clear that he prefers to stockpile pitchers. It's hard to argue too. This is becoming a pitchers league and great starting pitchers are in demand now more than ever. It's much less costly to trade a few pitching prospects (who are overvalued at this point) for that bat. It's also a lot easier to develop starting pitchers as opposed to position players due to the amount of slots needed for each in the system.

Cole didn't exactly dominate at UCLA this season but it's not always all about college stats. His stuff is off the charts, and his change-up is devastating. This isn't something that just occured, this kid has been scouted for years now, and I have to imagine the Pirates have been scouting him this whole time too.

He is a bit like Justin Verlander, who also did not dominate in college. Cole can hit triple digits and throws in the mid to high 90's all game. Like mentioned previously his change has been absolutely dominant at times, and his slider is a plus pitch.

It's not unreasonable to think he will be up for the full 2013 season, helping this team in what should be a playoff push.

The change-up/fastball combo reminds me of an in his prime Johan Santana.

Cole has the best stuff, and the best breaking ball. He is a big kid, with the frame to handle innings and has that top of the rotation upside that this team has lacked forever.

The Pirates are doing what they should, taking what they think is the best player. People will be upset about passing on Rendon but the Pirates do not need to be in the business of drafting who fans and bloggers want. They aren't doing this to cut costs, they are doing this to build one of the best rotations in baseball.

If the Pirates hit on two of Taillon, Heredia, Allie, and Cole this staff will be ridiculous. If they hit on three or god forbid four, this staff could be historic.

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