Monday, January 15, 2018

Pirates Dump Cutch, Confirm Hatred Of Fans

Hey boys and girls and transgenders. Your favorite cis-gender, straight white male has returned with some bad news.

Now, I'm not trying to impress anyone with the professionalism of this blog any more so no links are needed.

As you all know the Pittsburgh Pirates have signed their fans up for another year of mediocrity and horseshit play. 

That was probably before they traded Andrew McCutchen.

It was probably the correct move for a rebuilding team, but they're not even rebuilding.  They're constantly trying to balance present day performance with the future.

To be honest they've done a fantastic job of achieving this balance.

The present is shit, as is the future.

In trading Cutch the Pirated traded hope. They traded the guy that made people jump for joy off the Clemente Bridge and they probably traded the goodwill of their fan base.

They were already on life support with this intrepid former blogger with extra disposable income,  and now.......


I don't really care about the return at this point,  Huntington has given me no reason to trust it will be anything worthwhile.

The only thing I care about is those poor ticket reps.  They will likely be on food stamp wages this year.

Should we start a go fund me for this poor creatures?

Maybe we should start a Go Fund Me to buy the team from Bobby "Welfare Queen" Nutting.

It's probably the only way they'll see another dime from me.

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