Sunday, August 22, 2010

Oh Shit the Pirates made a profit!!!!!!

So the outrage has started. It's being reported all over the place that the Pirates made a profit. $5.4 million in 2009 and around $29 million in 2007 and 2008 combined. To that I say..... good! What kind of complete moron gets into business just to lose money? I am so sick and tired of hearing "fans" complain that the Pirates, and more specifically Bob Nutting, are making money hand over first.

First off Bob Nutting isn't the only owner, second off according to the team he has taken no salary, no management fees, and that the distributions were to cover taxes by all the owners. They literally dispersed money to the owners to pay for taxes on money they never even saw!!!!! I'm not sure that makes him a bad guy.

Do people really expect him to run this team in the red? I mean EVERYONE has repeatedly blasted the literal give away of Aramis Ramirez, but that was 100% facilitated by running this team in the red. They had to cut payroll to abide by THE MLB'S RULES. You can only take on so much debt as a team.

If you think your favorite team should run in the red you are a moron, that's as plain as it can be put. To think that running on debt is the right way to go, especially when the team is as bad as it has been is laughable. You really want to borrow $20 million for a guy like Prince Fielder? You could, but then you take your draft and international budget back to the $2 million dollar range.

A strong financial landscape is almost as important as drafting high end talent. In fact you can't bring in that talent if you don't have money.

Unless you are willing to spend your own millions running a team for a few years at a loss you really should shut up. I mean we live in a society where if they give you a $5.00 bill instead of a $10.00 bill at Wendys people lose their shit. Imagine if that was your $10-15 million doing out the window.....

You wouldn't build a house on a shitty foundation, why would you want your favorite sports team built on one?

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Anonymous said...

The Pirates are a joke.